Linkology: The Best of the Internet for 4/9/10

The truth goes like this: it’s a big vacation week, opening day here in Detroit, and I thought — naively, as it turns out — that I could get away with not worrying about the Friday links post.

I was wrong.  Turns out some colleagues here in the office, while I was wrestling with the byzantine processes that govern streaming MLB games and the even despairingly more complex blackout restrictions guidelines, told me that if I didn’t put up a Friday links post, they would lie down on train tracks until I did.  That last part is a lie: they didn’t threaten any railroad sit in.  My unpopular indifference to baseball led me to prefer to write this post rather than listen to baseball audio, which is all we can get even though we subscribed to and don’t even get me started on the relative uselessness of a product that (a) is supposed to enable live streaming but (b) cannot stream live games for local teams due to the aforementioned ridiculous blackout guidelines.

So without too much further ado (and the irony that the preceding paragraph was indeed a lot of ado is not lost on me), here is this week’s collection of very fine HTTP products.

Esquire has a great profile of super-rocket Usain Bolt.  Its hypothesis?  He is, capability-wise, ahead of his time, and it will take up to 30 years (given the rate of speed increases historically) for another man to beat him.  I call shenanigans on that conclusion, but the profile is incredibly interesting.

Video games attack NYC.  PIXELS is Patrick Jean’s latest short film, shot on location in New York.

John Gruber’s 4000+ word review of the Apple iPad.  One of the best I’ve read yet.

A great illustration of why we don’t see (or want) Flash on mobile devices.

Rats, after becoming accustomed to junk food, would rather die than eat healthy food.

Be bold and embrace your shyness.

And finally, here’s a master of business card throwing.  And it’s incredible viral marketing to boot.

Have a good weekend, everyone.


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  1. Great material makes you think

  2. Dan-The-Man says:

    So, I suppose this is akin to me having a disposition for death over cheap scotch…

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