What Topics Should We Write About?

Ignoring the fact that I just ended a headline with a preposition while askingtopics what we should write about, I’d like to know what you’re working on or researching.

This blog has grown in readership considerably since its launch in mid-2008. Since that time, we’ve written over 140 posts covering PeopleSoft, Business Intelligence (BI) and general culture topics.

We get asked quite a bit to write about topics that our customers and prospects are interested in, and in the past we’ve done exactly that. We even create whitepapers if the demand is great enough.

This year, we’d like to hear from more organizations about what they’re interested in or where our expertise might be able to help. We consistently hear that companies must commit to tying IT spend to strategic goals (now moreso than ever), and there are a lot of topics that fall under that umbrella.

To that end, what topics would you like to hear about in the PeopleSoft or Business Intelligence worlds? I’ve started a discussion over on Facebook, and I’d love to hear what you’re interested in or what sort of information would be useful to you.  All ideas, comments and questions welcome.

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