Study: Social Does Pay

One of the most interesting things we’ve done, marketing-wise, as a company is engage our customers and the community via social media.  Not always an easy sell internally, it’s an idea that has helped set us apart from our competition and form relationships with clients we wouldn’t have otherwise.

It’s hard to put a solid ROI on social media efforts across all platforms and business goals.  But the numbers are coming:

Much has been said of late about what should and shouldn’t be done in the social marketplace, but if you’re still wondering if social marketing pays or is simply another place to play, read on. According to a recent study from Altimeter Group and social platform Wetpaint, brands active in the social space saw revenues increase by about 18% over the past year.

That is quite a jump when you take into account the soggy economy, both global and in the US.

Brands who were not socially active saw sales decrease by about 6%.

More importantly, when prospects, customers and new employees come to you and say they found you via your social media presence, you know you’re onto something.

(Via @coretek)

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