MiPro Gives Back nominations now closed, but man, what a great ride

Thanks to everyone for submitting your nominations to MiPro Gives Back. Over our two week nomination period, we saw unprecedented levels of activity from the and social media community. Even in times like these, it’s incredibly encouraging and heartwarming to see people take a moment out of their day to nominate a charity that’s important to them and their families.

All told, we had nearly 450 total nominations. We saw some very impressive grassroots campaigns run via Twitter and other social media portals to get specific charities nominated multiple times. We took phone calls, read your comments, and were very moved by your personal stories of why these charities are important to you.

Put simply: thank you. We cannot adequately express how much your participation means to us.

The next stage is the biggie, the one that decides who will win some or all of our $10k donation. Next Monday, on March 23rd, voting will open. We encourage you to come back and vote for your favorite charity. You may only vote once, but you can spread the word to as many people as you like to create your own momentum.  And that’s the key: get the word out.  We saw several impressive campaigns run via Twitter during the nomination period (which were successful), and we’re pretty sure we’ll see that several-fold with the voting.

(Speaking of Twitter, if you’re not following MiPro yet, it’s a good time to start.  Check us out.)

When the voting starts, it will go like this: we will be highlighting the top eight (8) charities as determined by the sheer amount of attention they received from our clients, partners and web community.  Other nominees will be listed within alphabetical categories, so you’re not just limited to voting for the top eight.  This means anyone can win some or all of our $10K donation.  Again, it’s all about the votes and getting the word out.

Finally – and once again — thank you. Your help has made this project exceed even our wildest expectations.

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