Lease Administration Navigation Collection

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The Lease Administration navigation collection was added to the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface with release of FSCM Image 20. This navigation collection groups common functionalities used in Lease Administration in a single location.

More and more functionality is moving to FLUID and the Lease Administration navigation collection is one additional example. There are few tricks and tips to make the navigation collection available in the FLUID Homepage – follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Click on the three lines in the upper right to expose the configuration panel.


Step 2: Click on the PERSONALIZE HOMEPAGE and it will bring you to the ability to configure.


Step 3: Click on ADD TILE in the upper right. It will then bring up the FSCM Navigation Collections and choose Lease Administration.


Step 4: Save your Homepage and Lease Administration will show up as a

Then users can click on it and the navigation collection appears in FLUID.


If you would like more information on FLUID or Lease Administration, please email me at


Simplified Analytics

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Have you heard? Simplified Analytics were delivered with PeopleTools 8.55! Simplified Analytics allow end users to create their own FLUID reports based on pre-defined templates. For the end users, it is designed to be intuitive and user friendly. In order for end users to leverage Simplified Analytics, developers or power users must enable the functionality by associating one or more pivot grid models (or base templates) to a component. That action will present the My Analytics option on the FLUID tile. See below.


Once enabled, end users can easily create new reports based on the templates available in these easy steps.

Step 1:Click on the + sign in the My Analytics tile. This will bring up the report creation process.


Give the analytics a name. Select the type of report from the options list. You have the option to choose a chart or not or use a simple table or pivot grid.simplified-analytics-3

Step 2: Click Next. This provides options to choose all suppliers or specific suppliers and filter out a specific set ID and/or supplier ID. It also allows the user to choose which fields will appear in the analytics. These choices all can change depending on the template setup by the developer or power user.simplified-analytics-4

Step 3: Click Next. This will bring up the report. On the left the user can filter and the details can be drilled into at the bottom.simplified-analytics-5

Step 4: Click Save and the report is available for viewing.simplified-analytics-6

Step 5: Click on the report to show the final product.simplified-analytics-7

If you would like more information on Simplified Analytics, please email me at


Advanced Query Security

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Looking for more security out of PeopleSoft query? There was another little gem of a new feature released with image 20 – Advanced Query Security. It only captured a small paragraph in the image overview but is a nice feature to gain more security out of PeopleSoft query. From the image overview document: Added the […]

A Hidden Treasure of Valuable Information

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Work Order Failure Tracking and Analysis Hidden Treasure. The words bring to mind gold doubloons, sparkling gemstones and may even bring out your inner pirate a bit. Now, you’re wondering how that relates to PeopleSoft Maintenance Management. Well, there is a hidden gem that is seldom used for capturing and analyzing equipment failure occurrences that […]

PeopleSoft Image 20 – Fluid Forms and Approval Builder

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As we have been discussing over the last few weeks on Unfiltered, Oracle has released PeopleSoft Financials/Supply Chain Update Image 20.  In this week’s feature of Unfiltered, we are going to highlight another specific subset of the more than two dozen features included in the new PeopleSoft Image: Fluid Forms and Approval Builder. If you […]

PeopleSoft Image 20 – Enhanced Fluid Approvals

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Last week we talked about the new PeopleSoft Update Image 20 and the many new features included in this update (click here if you missed our blog). In this feature of Unfiltered we are going to highlight one particular feature: Enhanced Fluid Approvals. With the release of Image 20, over a dozen approvals are available […]

PeopleSoft Image 20 Released

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Oracle has released PeopleSoft Image 20 – Financials/Supply Chain Update.  The release video above highlights a subset of the more than two dozen features contained in this image, including: Fluid approvals Fluid forms and approval builder Multiple item image capability ChartField modification by eProcurement mobile approval Expanded General Ledger spreadsheet upload Configurable supplier registration It is […]

Fluid Candidate Gateway

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Some of the most highly anticipated and sought-after updates to the PeopleSoft HCM applications are those which further expand the utilization of the Fluid User Interface. None of these have been as important as those included in this summer’s PUM Image 18 which, among other updates, includes Fluid Pages for the Candidate Gateway. The Fluid […]

PeopleSoft Lease Administration Deep Dive

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FASB 13 Straight-line Accounting Entries (Formerly Real Estate Management) Did you know that PeopleSoft Lease Administration has the capabilities to meet your straight-line accounting requirements? PeopleSoft Lease Administration can help your organization provide more accurate accounting information, reduce errors and reduce processing time. All you have to do is setup your lease payment schedule and […]

PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Improvements

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PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory has been around for quite some time. As most know, it is a mobile extension of PeopleSoft Inventory and Purchasing to hand-held scanning devices. Previously we would have to leverage ADF (application development framework) or the middleware between the hand-held and PeopleSoft FSCM. However, with the delivery of FSCM Image 14, Oracle […]

Leverage Selective Adoption

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Are you a PeopleSoft 9.2 customer? Have you developed a Selective Adoption strategy? If your answer is “no” to developing a selective adoption strategy – you are not alone! Many organizations are still stuck in the old mindset of only looking at new PeopleSoft functionality every several years. PeopleSoft customers have grown accustomed to looking forward […]

Leveraging PeopleSoft Business Process Maps

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Often overlooked as a knowledge source are the delivered PeopleSoft business process maps (BPM). Previously these business process maps were only viewable online and were not editable. Recently these maps have been made available as editable Visio documents. The online PeopleBooks site now has both PeopleBooks and BPM’s located in the same spot, making it much […]

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