How to Get Rid of Stress While on a Business Trip

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Feel stressed out while traveling? You aren’t alone. Learning to get rid of stress is essential when traveling. According to a study by CWT Travel Solutions Group (CWT), the top three triggers for stress when traveling can be grouped into three main areas:

1. Lost Time. It’s difficult, or downright impossible, to get work done while traveling, especially when you have a long flight. Many day-to-day business needs pile up while you are on the road, so when you return, you will need to “catch up” on work that you missed.

2. Unforeseen Events. Just thinking about the possibility of lost or delayed luggage, a delayed flight, or a missed connection can cause extreme anxiety for most business travelers.

3. A New Routine. It’s challenging to find time to exercise or stick to a healthy diet when you are on the road, which means many business travelers sacrifice their health while traveling.

Lost baggage, poor or no internet connection, flying coach on long-haul flights and delays are the four biggest drivers of stress within those three groups. CWT surveyed 6,000 business travelers and found that people traveling for work can lose up to 6.9 hours on a trip due to stress, meaning that they used that time for neither work nor rest.

Luckily, learning to get rid of stress is easy!. Click here for Emenike Emmanuel’s top five ways to eliminate stress on a business trip.

Do you have any other unique strategies to reduce stress while traveling on business? Share with us in the comments below.

Administering Simplified Analytics Video

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Two weeks ago, we published a blog on administering simplified analytics. To watch a video demonstrating how to create a simplified analytic and make it available to the end user on a Fluid tile, click here or on the photo below:

Additionally, if you would like more information on simplified analytics, please email me at To read more about MIPRO Consulting, click here.

Administering Simplified Analytics

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PeopleTools 8.57

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On September 21, 2018, PeopleSoft released PeopleTools 8.57. It marked the first time a release was generally available in the Cloud before on-premise environments. Using the Cloud Manager, customers may subscribe to the PeopleTools 8.57 channel to automatically download the release in addition to available PeopleTools patches. Based on the 8.57 release notes, the following […]

My Team Manager Self Service Instructional Video

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Last week, we published a blog on My Team Manager Self Service. To watch a short 6-minute step-by-step instructional My Team video further outlining this Tile, click on the link or photo below: Additionally, if you would like more information on Fluid, related actions, or simplified analytics, please email me at To read more about […]

My Team Manager Self Service

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Previously, we’ve published written and video blogs regarding Fluid and Classic features such as simplified analytics, related content, and related actions. To improve efficiency and the overall user experience, the My Team Manager Self Service tile (see photo below) now houses all these features in one location. As always, the user can configure the delivered […]

Page and Field Configurator Instructional Video

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Last week, we published a blog on the PeopleSoft Page and Field Configurator. To watch a short 8-minute step-by-step instructional video, click on the link or photo below: Additionally, if you would like more information on Page and Field Configurator, please email me at To read more about MIPRO Consulting, click here.

Page and Field Configurator

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The Page and Field Configurator has been out for a little while now, and although it provides the user with the capabilities to configure pages in PeopleSoft, it does not seem to get the attention that it deserves. In the past, all changes came from the application designer and customization had to be maintained.  With […]

eProcurement Fluid Enhancements

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In March 2018, PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 27 introduced the Fluid Requisition Enhancement. As a result, the eProcurement Fluid Enhancements now include multiple features. You can now enter default values for new requisitions on the Requisition Defaults page. And you can make changes on the Line Details page. On the Checkout page, you can select […]

Cost Balancing Fluid WorkCenter

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The Cost Balancing Fluid WorkCenter was delivered without a lot of fanfare. However, it is very useful for those that deal with inventory cost accounting. The Cost Balancing Fluid WorkCenter provides everything needed to address the cost accounting business processes. Users can deal with issues associated more on the inventory side such as putaway not completed, […]

It’s not too late to implement PeopleSoft Lease Administration for January 1, 2019 and be ready for the new ASC 842 & IFRS 16 accounting rules!

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The deadline for compliance with the new ASC 842 & IFRS 16 rules is fast approaching. My headline is a bold statement, but it can hold true if you can answer yes to the following questions: Have you already identified all your leases, including the payment schedules? Do you already have your new lease accounting […]