PeopleSoft Innovators

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Congratulations to the newest PeopleSoft Innovators! While attending Quest’s Collaborate 2018, Rebekah Jackson, VP PeopleSoft Strategy & Product Management, announced the latest organizations who earned recognition as PeopleSoft Innovators. The group included three of MIPRO’s customers: Adventist Health System, Black Hills Corporation and Intermountain Healthcare. While MIPRO was not directly involved in the innovations these organizations were honored for, we are encouraged by all the new innovations we are seeing every day throughout the PeopleSoft community.

PeopleSoft has been around for many years and, while the reports of its death are grossly exaggerated, it is encouraging to see companies getting more and more out of their significant investment. To see all the organizations recognized as PeopleSoft Innovators and to get specifics on how they are incorporating the newest features of PeopleSoft into their organization visit Oracle’s blog:


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The Mystery of the Missing Equipment Parts List

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A while back I shared the not-so-hidden treasure of Equipment Parts List (EPL) (click here if you missed the blog). I found that many users were creating very broad lists that really didn’t allow them the most effective use of the functionality or lists would be created, but when trying to tie it to an asset, it couldn’t be found. I hope to address those issues here to enable you to create more defined lists for your users with less frustration around those “lost” lists.

It all starts with your Asset Record. Makes sense, right? You’re creating a list of parts used for a specific asset or asset type. On the Operation/Maintenance tab of the Asset Record the Manufacturer Information box is key to a well-defined, narrow Equipment Parts List.

In our example, we’re creating a parts list for a car. To ensure that we get the right parts for the right car, we’ll need the Manufacturer (Mfg ID) and the Model fields populated. Keep in mind the Mfg ID field must be populated in order to bring in the Model or other information such as Version – which could be the model year. If you have a fleet comprised of both Toyota Priuses and Dodge Ram Trucks, odds are the air filters will be different sizes; in that case, having the Manufacturer and Model is very helpful. Of course, if the equipment is relatively standard between Manufacturers or Models this data wouldn’t be as important.

When you are ready to apply the Parts List to the asset, the list will contain the data found in those key fields of the asset, along with the Asset Type and Asset Subtype. The data in the Mfg ID, Model and Version fields must be exact in order to match the EPL to the Asset. In this example the Parts List Look Up provides one result, yet there are two active Parts Lists for Asset Type of Fleet and Asset Subtype of Auto.

It is also important to note here, that the Mfg ID and Model are pulled from the Supplier Table, so if the Manufacturer is not set up when you’re ready to create your Equipment Parts List, you will need to have it added.

Mystery Solved.

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Preventive Maintenance Linking Schedule

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Preventive Maintenance Linking functionality allows for multiple preventive maintenance jobs for the same asset to be structured in such a way as to avoid multiple work orders and overlap of the same steps. Let’s take an HVAC unit for example. A quarterly job may be to do a general overview of the equipment and to […]

It takes too long!!! Advanced Line Search is Here to Help!

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In PeopleSoft 9.2, an Advanced Line Search feature was added to address the search issue for both requisitions and purchase orders. One of the things that I hear quite often is people complaining that it takes too long to load a requisition or purchase order when they want to review or work on a particular […]

Mobile Technician with Fluid is Here

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I am so excited! I’m doing a happy dance and I know that technicians world-wide are going to be dancing in the streets. Ok, well maybe not quite so much, but they’ll give it a good solid thumbs-up. Here are a few screen shots and explanations of the Mobile Technician application to peek your curiosity. […]

New – Time and Labor Fluid Functionality

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Have you experienced the new enhancements to the Time and Labor Fluid functionality with HCM Image 22? There are now Time and Labor Manager Self-Service Fluid pages for: Reporting Time Viewing Weekly Time Viewing Payables Time Viewing Leave Balances New navigation collections for Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service Team Time On the Employee Self-Service Homepage, […]

Oracle’s Advisor Webcast: PeopleSoft Payroll for North America Tax Update 18-B

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Don’t miss Oracle’s Advisor Webcast: PeopleSoft Payroll for North America Tax Update 18-B General Information Session. This one hour session is recommended for functional and technical users who are responsible for applying and testing PeopleSoft Payroll for North America Tax Updates. The Webcast is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24, 2018 10:00 AM (US Pacific Time). […]

Equipment Parts Lists

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While Equipment Parts Lists may not be as hidden as other gems I’ve discussed – this one is often delayed due to internal discussions of ownership and maintenance. Equipment Parts Lists, or EPLs as they’re called, are valuable time savers to technicians on the ground. However, the time and labor to set them up and […]

Elasticsearch the ONLY way to go…after April 30

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We’re always searching for something, and while this could go down an existential path, we’ll limit our focus to searching for information in PeopleSoft.   When we do need to find information, we want to be able to find it quickly and easily. With the introduction of Elasticsearch in Tools 8.55, searching for data in PeopleSoft became […]

Receivables Operations Fluid Content and Fluid Metrics

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New with FSCM Image 24 are Receivables Operations Fluid content and Fluid metrics. This update helps billing and receivables managers, supervisors, and analysts who are responsible for managing the credit to cash operation to improve performance, achieve efficiency, and reduce costs. The Credit to Cash Operations Homepage contains relevant information to help improve performance. Included […]

What is Elasticsearch?

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Just when I thought I was up to speed on the newest search functionality in PeopleSoft, Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES), I learned that it was being replaced by Elasticsearch. What is Elasticsearch and how does it impact my organization? Elasticsearch is a new search engine that was introduced in Tools 8.55.11 and the implementation […]

Procurement Challenges Addressed with PeopleSoft Mobile Procurement

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The day-to-day life of Procurement is filled with numerous challenges and may leave those responsible feeling overwhelmed. The introduction of PeopleSoft 9.2 Mobile Procurement addressed some of these challenges. Fluid User Interface (UI), Employee Self-Service and Mobile Procurement allow users to work on the go, using mobile devices (i.e. smart phones, tablets and desktop computers). […]