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There is a lot of good information on the Fluid User Interface key concepts page that is available on the PeopleSoft Information Portal. This PeopleSoft page has links and content for everything Fluid. One of the most useful links is the list of everything that is available in HCM and FSCM in Fluid.   The exact page can be found here.

Below you will find a summarized list of links to the HCM and FSCM delivered Fluid Homepages which are essentially links into PeopleBooks. Over the next few blogs, we’ll take some time to update what currently is available through Image 23.

First, these are the Fluid Pages that are common to FSCM. Many of these Fluid Pages are about personalization but also include common Fluid Approval Pages. All of the bullets below are active links which will take you directly to the page in PeopleBooks.

We have blogged about many of the Fluid Pages personalization options and provided step-by-step directions on how to personalize. (Click here if you missed any of them.) In the upcoming blogs, we will focus on the delivered Fluid Pages for the FSCM applications. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact me at

PeopleSoft IS Alive and Well

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Oracle Lifetime Support Policy

Did you hear? Oracle announced a change to the Oracle Lifetime Support policy for PeopleSoft applications that further illustrates their commitment to PeopleSoft.  As of April 2017, the Oracle Lifetime Support end date for PeopleSoft HCM/ELM and Financials (FMS/ESA/SCM) 9.2, as well as Campus Solutions 9.2, has now been pushed out to December 2027.  This extends the committed support “through at least” December 2027 under Oracle’s Premier Support program.  These support policy changes are documented on page 5 (the 9th page of the document) of the updated Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Oracle Applications.

This change in the Oracle Lifetime Support policy demonstrates Oracle’s acknowledgement that customers who continue to rely on PeopleSoft applications for their core business processes need a better understanding of their support timeline horizons.  In their announcement, Oracle was clear in stating that the current December 2027 date is NOT, I repeat NOT, an end of life date for PeopleSoft.  The investment that Oracle continues to make in the PeopleSoft applications remains strong and there are NO plans to end investment or de-support PeopleSoft.

The information on the Oracle support change and more was included in a recent Oracle blog posting “Oracle Lifetime Support Document Updated For PeopleSoft – April 2017”.

If you have any questions or if MIPRO can help in any way, please reach out to us!

WorkCenter Configuration – Part 3

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Pagelet Personalization and Configuring As promised, here is part 3 of the WorkCenter Configuration blog series. Today we will look at the left side of the WorkCenter but focus on the configuration and personalization capabilities at the Pagelet level. Last week, in part 2, we looked at the left side of the WorkCenter, at the […]

WorkCenter Configuration – Part 2

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In part 1 of the WorkCenter Configuration Blog series, we looked at the right side of the WorkCenter, the buyer dashboard. (Click here if you missed part 1.) Part 2 of the WorkCenter Configuration blog series, is going to look at the left side of the WorkCenter and start at the highest level. When you click […]

Configuration of WorkCenters

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WorkCenters are a very powerful feature of PeopleSoft 9.2. They offer one-page information designed to support the most common work activities, reports and analytics for a job function. PeopleSoft delivers a lot of content for WorkCenters, but as with most content, some of it is applicable for most businesses and some needs to be configured […]

9.2 Optimization

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With PeopleSoft 9.2 there is a lot of conversation about taking advantage of new features and functionality, de-customizing, and optimizing your solution as new features are delivered as often as quarterly. But how does an organization go about optimizing PeopleSoft? The first thing to remember is that you must treat the optimization as a project […]


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Is your organization considering Elasticsearch? Then this is a must-watch video with some great overview information. The key take-aways and content include: SES and Verity will be deprecated in PeopleTools 8.56 SES will be supported in PeopleTools 8.55 until April 2018 Do not deploy Elasticsearch from their website, there is a very specific PeopleSoft version […]

PeopleSoft Classic Plus To Harmonize With Fluid

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Oracle continues to invest and enhance PeopleSoft, now offering a Classic Plus option with Tools 8.56 which makes PeopleSoft Classic look and feel more like Fluid. Check out Oracle’s Blog – “2016 Year In Review, 2017 Looking Forward” Here is a snippet of what you will find in the Oracle Blog. Deliver, Deliver, Deliver “Speaking […]

Saving Customers from Themselves

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One of the principles that MIPRO lives by is, “Always tell your customer what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear.” We are passionate about providing real, honest observations and feedback. Sometimes we are tested to see just how far we will take that commitment. We recently had a customer decide […]

Every Quarter Equals New Functionality

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PeopleSoft Selective Adoption The recent blog title from the Quest International Users Group – “PeopleSoft Is Alive and It’s Time to Adopt” caught my attention because it’s what we’ve been sharing with our customers for the past few years. While a rip and replace cloud strategy might be the right direction for some, those who […]

2017 Education and Networking Conferences

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Have you planned your education and networking budget for 2017?  In addition to the Oracle PeopleSoft website,, there are several user groups that organize in-person and virtual monthly meetings along with annual conferences.  User groups are great resources for: Product and customer information To see what topics are trending with customers Presentation and education […]

Guided Self-Service

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PeopleSoft 9.2 delivers a new way to process manager self-service transactions called Guided Self-Service. This is a framework under which various MSS transactions, such as promotion, transfers etc., can be configured in a wizard-like approach. This way of processing HR transactions removes the emphasis on screens and navigations and puts the emphasis on business processes. […]

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