Casual Friday: Know Your Yelling Goat Meme (and Mashups)

by Jeff V. on March 22, 2013

A couple weeks ago, a video of goats yelling like humans dominated the Internet. If you haven’t seen it, here it is. I have to warn you: it’s more entertaining than you think it is. Don’t skip over this; it’s required viewing if you want the rest of this post to make sense.

So naturally, when something that gets 13 million views sinks in to the Internet writ large, mixups happen. And boy, do they happen.

Here’s the yelling goat meme mixed up into today’s top songs to an absolutely hysterical end.

If this doesn’t get your weekend started right, nothing will.

Let’s start with Taylor Swift:

And move to Whitney Houston:

How about some One Direction?

And we can’t forget Queen…

And here’s Katy Perry:

But then there’s always Miley Cyrus…

And finally, I’d be dishonoring my legacy as a Gen X child of the 80s if I didn’t include some Bon Jovi:

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

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